We impose a photo on a background

Let's try to make a vignette not on a white background with edges smoothly passing in white colour, is simply, adjust properties of allocation and all. But with texture all looks absolutely differently.
We selecte the basic image, in this case photo is allocated completely, i.e. rectangular area, we keep in the buffer.
We create new figure with a background, where it is necessary to insert the image. We switch in a mode "Quick mask ". Primary colour black, background - white. We choose the centre and we build circular gradient having filled. If from first time the necessary area transparent has failed (the more densely allocation by red colour, the the area) is more transparent, it is possible to do it some times.
We switch in a mode of usual editing. The allocated area as a circle or circle, truncated on the parties has appeared. We choose from the menu " Edit / insert in " (Shift + Ctrl + V) and the figure, kept in the buffer, in the selected area is inserted.