We create the text with smooth edges

Sometimes it happens it is necessary to create a volumetric inscription with smooth edges. There are some ways of realization it in Photoshop. It is possible and simply to take advantage of additional sets of filters. The described below reception of creation of such text without use of filters (for example Eye Candy/OuterBevel and similar).
First of all we take the necessary background, we establish primary colour black, and background white, we write the necessary text. We create the allocated area from the text. It is possible to press Ctrl and to click in a palette "Layers" on the necessary layer
We keep the allocated area in the Alpha-channel
We remove allocation of the text and we increase a transparency of a layer. We install approximately 20 %
We create a new layer and is filled in by its black colour.
We open in the menu "Select" / " Load Selection "
Load from the Alpha-channel selected area in a layer, which is painted at you black.
Fill in the selected area by white colour and remove allocation from the text.
Check up, that in a palette "Layers" the badge " Preserve Transparency " should be removed. Apply to the text the filter "Gaussian Blur ", radius is established by 2.5 pixels.
Again load from the Alpha-channel the allocated area. Move the allocated area to the right - downwards slightly.
Invert selection, having chosen "Select/Inverse". Then press "Backspace" and we remove allocation. Is ready. Result.