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Smooth transition from one figure in another.

Want to create similar
Want to create similar figure. Yes, for this purpose it is required to you except for Photoshop-but also GIF - animator.
I bring many explanatory figures that even the beginning user Photoshop could understand. First of all we choose 2 figures, and their sizes should be identical. We copy one of them, we shall tell 3 copies (it is a minimum). 5 figures thus have turned out, 3 of which we shall subject to editing.
We take one of figures, on which we shall impose other image. All figures should be in RGB. We include a mode of a Quick mask, is there is a button in the bottom of a toolbar. Primary colour black, background - white. We include the tool " a Linear gradient " and we make a gradient from left to right up to middle of figure.
That part, which will be allocated red transparent, and the more brightly allocated area, the it will be more transparent.
We pass in a mode of normal editing. Тоесть in the bottom of a toolbar we switch buttons - we leave a mode of a Quick mask. At you the part of figure allocated has turned out.
Now we selecte completely image, which will need to be inserted and is copied it in the buffer.
We pass to edited figure, which part is allocated, and is inserted from the buffer other image in the allocated area.(Edit/Insert in)
Same we make and with stayed by two figures, only in one of them a linear gradient we create on the image, and in next - beginning from middle - to the right up to the end.
Here you see by transparent area there was already most part of the image, and at a gradient from middle and to the right, in general only small part on the right remain opaque.
Remains only indexed colors and to export in GIF all figures, well and then work Gif-animator.