We create GIF with a transparent background.

To create figure on a transparent background, it is necessary first of all to specify, what presumably will be colour of a background. It is necessary also to take into account the closed contours inside figure, which needs to give effect of a transparency. If figure consists of set of layers, it is possible simply to connect the necessary layers, of which final figure will consist and to unit them, having left ΧΕΤ of a background by a separate layer. Let's consider a case, when only one layer.

First of all we fill a background with colour close to colour of a background of page, on which it is supposed to place figure. If the colour is unknown, we paint over by contrast colour concerning edges, that subsequently it was possible easily to allocate a contour using, 'lasso' or ' a magic stick '.
Further we selecte figure. On my supervision, the allocation using the tool ' Pen Tool ' is not desirable, how it automatically creates a working contour, and the smoothing not always is desirable even on 1 pixel. We keep the allocated area in the alpha-channel
Now indexed a palette.
We pass to a final stage: we export in GIF the alpha-channel.
In result is received GIF with a transparent background.