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We look to the images in separate windows

Imagine, that you describe any subject, for example: the automobile, electronic device etc. you want to show also the graphic image of this subject, which can owing to the improved quality the diagrams to be the size more than 40 - 50 kB. Sometimes, in such cases the visitor does not wait loadings figure and leaves from page.
The given below code allows the visitor to decide solve itself, - to look figure whether or not. In the given example figure opens in a separate window. Here there is nothing new, as though you have opened figure in a new window brouser. You can adjust a window under the size of figure, forbid scrolling, remove the menu. Thus the contextual menu works also visitor can keep or print out image, and also simply turn a window for the subsequent actions or before ending loading of image.

Having cluck on one of the references, you can look image. (Everyone ~ 20 kB.)
To look image1
To look image2
To look image3

Copy a code given below and use.

<script language="JavaScript">

img=new Array(3);

imgW=new Array(3);
imgH=new Array(3);

function setWin(iin){
var paramWnd="width="+imgW[iin]+",height="+imgH[iin]+",copyhistory=no,menubar=no,status=no,scrollbars=no"

function show(iin)
var i;

This code is put in heading. Red the names of files of figures and their sizes in пикселях are marked, it you will change on. The quantity in the given example equal 3, but can be as much as necessary, only set dimension of a file.
After heading, in any place HTML of the text we write:

<a href="javascript:show(1)"return true;"> To look image1 </a>
<a href="javascript:show(2)"return true;"> To look image2 </a>

Attention, there, where the properties of a window are described: variable paramWnd, - The string should not contain blanks.