From what to begin?

    HTML or Hyper-Text Markup Language, that is text containing the links to other documents of the Internet. To see an example of any page in HTML a code (to see its wrong side), it is enough to you to use in your browser a mode " View source ". The code can be seen and having opened in Notepad or other simple editor html a file.
     It is probable, that seen it will be not clear. In any case I want to please you: to learn by heart specifications tags to you it is not necessary in any case. It is enough to understand, that they designate. Thus, I want to pay your attention that the theoretical study HTML is almost useless. Begin work, and the necessary knowledge will come to you in process.

Means of creation of the HTML-documents.

    The documents html are created through the editor giving appropriate “space” for a spelling of a code. Most simple is Notepad, - in which as a sequence of marks can be written HTML a code for page and whole site (if you remember by heart all specifications). By the same simple principle the plenty of the editors being, as a matter of fact, "superstructures" for Notepad is under construction in which the various combinations of "buttons" and menus - helps for simplification of a set standard tags are used, replacing their input from the keyboard several "clicks" of the mouse. Naturally, thus disappears necessity to remember the rather difficult specifications, as the program itself not only will write the correct text tag, but also, in some cases, will check up the text typed manually.
    The programs with, so-called, WYSIWIG - interface concern to the second group of the editors. Not penetrating in linguistic details, I shall tell, that the term means work not with a code, and with result of its performance, that is with the image. For example, at formatting the text in "Word", you do not see, how the internal code will be transformed, do not see marks of programming, and work with final result, image on html to page, which is created for you by the program. The application WYSIWIG of the editors is easier for the user, however their advantages are not indisputable. If a primary factor is the simplicity and speed, it is necessary to stop a choice on WYSIWIG the editor, but for complete use of opportunities HTML and optimization of a site without work with a code to not do without.

    The simplicity and convenience allocates the editor CuteHTML 1.2 from known due to the popular program CuteFTP of the company GlobalISCAPE, Inc. This small free-of-charge editor allows to open simultaneously some files for realization of group operations. It is equipped with convenient system of the pop-menu, which allow consistently to choose tag, parameter tag and its value for two - three "click" with the mouse and thus do not block up the screen. The editing is possible by "dragging" the allocated fragments of a code (drug and drop).

Most popular by quantity of loadings both various awards and ratings is Arachnophilia 4.0.

     The program allows to test and to find mistakes as in a code of separate page, and site wholly, checking all internal and external links. For input tags the set of buttons forming the required specification for two - three pressing is used and built - in help is the detailed tutorial. It use both beginners, and professionals. It is quite probable, that if you will master all opportunities of this editor, you any more do not need any another HTML the editor. The program is given free-of-charge. The author of the program - Paul Lutus has offered the concept CareWare, which he explains as follows: " Sometimes money is a unsuccessful equivalent for some bargains. However purchase Arachnophilia on conditions CareWare is the bargain... You can use the program, provided that will cease to complain of difficulty and life, even on time... However if you do not execute this condition, nobody will knock at the night on your door ".

SNK Visual HTML Workshop 2.5.2

    It is the powerful tool allowing to create the project of a site and to carry out the large amounts of works with the minimal expenses of work. Simultaneously program is simple and be clear even to the beginner. This promotes and built - in detailed tutorial. In the program the means of viewing of graphic files is integrated. The opportunity of loading of a site on the server is stipulated also. It " the younger brother " SNK HTMLPad 1.7 supplements Workshop, being by analogue Notepad with the extended functions. SNK Workshop, too, in the sort, it is possible to get a product CareWare, that is it free-of-charge, but not for nothing. The developers ask to be registered and within one month to place the link on SNK on the site. But it only creates the order. Besides all registered users are included into the catalogue SNK NetCenter, that is an additional way of popularity of an own site.